Lines we Represent
Manufacturer Products
Manufacturer of Residential & Commercial Water Heaters
Manufacturer of backflow preventers
Manufacturer of professional brand of sump, sewage, basement protection system pumps and more.
Manufacturer of Flushvalves. Manual, Security, Hydraulic, and Sensor units.
Manufacturer of ventilation fans
Plumbing, Heating and Industrial Specialty Valves & Controls (Including Cryogenics)
Manufacturer of flexible pipe connectors and adapters
High Efficiency Mini-Split Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners
Flexible Gas Piping from Titeflex (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing & Fittings)
Professional Torch Equipment. Oxy-Fuel, Air-Acetylene, Air-Propane & Map-Pro, Nitrogen, Welding tips, more
Manufacturer & Leader in Strut Mounted Clamps
Plumbing Specialty products, Tubular Brass/Plastic; Strainers, Drains & Accessories
Manufacturer of China Pottery, Brass Fittings and Acrylic Whirlpools
Manufacturer of PVC pipe
Manfacturer of high efficiency gas boilers
Manufacturer of pre-insulated linesets for HVAC applications, with an innovative durable design. Made in the U.S.A.
Manufacturer of toilet seats
Gelcoat, thermo cast acrylic and semaless solid surface showers, tub-showers and whirlpools
Manufacturers of Heavy Pattern. High Quality Wall and Ground Hydrants, Angle Sill Faucets, Drainage Products, Ballcocks and Valves
Saniflo offers a wide selction of macerating and grinding pump systems as well as drain and condesate pumps
Water Softeners and Drinking Systems
Manufacturer of Residential & Commercial Tankless Water Heaters
Manufacturer of quality pipe joining materials and provider of quality hand tools